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Protect, Profile and Track

Security thru identification: Validactor securely serialises any product unit. Using Validactor's technology any customer can check on the fly the status of a product, verify if it is authentic, expired, stolen, recalled and much more, including product's characteristics.
This is only the beginning of the long list of services Validactor delivers to manufacturers and final customers.


Counterfeiting is a crime that involves production, distribution and sale of goods and services under someone else's name without permission. Counterfeit goods can harm your life. Do not buy fake good, search for the Validactor seal.

Customer Profiling

Defining customer profiles can provide companies with the data needed to generate more business from new and existing customers. Precise customer profiling is key to promote innovative services and new products.

Products Social Portal

Products and Services can be listed on the social network portal, granting increased visibility. The Validactor social portal deploys a number of innovative social functions aimed to enhance shopping user experience.

Lost&Found Management

No more lost luggage, no more lost items. Any Validactor Enabled product, if lost, can be recovered with a simple VACode scan. No personal data is revealed to the parts involved. Any one, with a smartphone can report to the owner the position of the Lost luggage with few clicks.

Product Recalls

Product Recall management is one of the major issue a company may face. Time is the essence of it, if a Recall has to be issued, Validactor will manage any kind of recall with few simple clicks, no matter if the products are still on shelf or have already been sold. Validactor manages recalss on both lots or single unit basis.

BigData Repository

The amount of data collected is humongous. All data is safely stored on Cloud based Amazon AWS servers whose architecture is designed to handle millions of concurrent scans and queries. The available reports for each customer, allows manufacturers to acknowledge data, trends, statistics and correct product distribution.

The most efficient anti-counterfeit solution

Validactor protects both consumers and manufacturers against counterfeits and illegal markets,
thereby building a closer buyer-supplier relationship.

What is Validactor?

Validactor delivers a full set of services aimed at improving customer-to-manufacturer interactions, it also delivers a full set of functions to fight fakes and help build a better brand awareness. Key solutions are: an Innovative anti-counterfeit solution • a social network for products • an integrated suite of tools • a Lost&Found tracker • an advanced marketing platform • a Big Data repository • a profiling and loyalty management tool • a sales tool • a (soon to be released) powerful chatting service • a validation tool for Services and Tickets

Fake Markets Value is more than $1.77 Trillion. Unacceptable!

Our strenghts are

• Consumer involvement and cost savings • Use of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software • Open communication standards for easy integration with existing platforms and devices • Easy integration with existing packaging and labelling equipment • Authentication via mobile applications • Adaptability on global scale • Use of any commercial QRCode scanner • Robust and secure software and hardware infrastructure • Proprietary algorithms

About Us

We are a fast growing company, fully devoted to fight the counterfeit businesses, the fakes markets and any kind of adulteration potentially causing a threat to customers. We fight this battle empowering both manufacturers and final customers with a full set of easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools. Any smartphone is the most powerful weapon to win this battle.

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