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Safety and Data collection thru unique identification: the Validactor platform serialises each product unit to ensure safety at unit's level. By using the Validactor platform, final customers can check product characteristcs on-the-fly and verify the actual status of the products they are buying, such as authentic, expired, stolen, recalled, withdrawn and so on while manufacturers and distributors will gain insights and real data on sales and customers activities at store level.

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Counterfeiting products is a crime that involves unauthorized production, distribution and sale of goods under someone else's name and IP's. Counterfeit goods can harm people's life.
Do not buy fake goods, search for Validactor protected products!

Product Recalls

Products Recall management is one of the major threats for a manufacturing company. Time is the essence of it. When a Recall has to be issued, Validactor manages it with few clicks, no matter if the product is still unsold. Validactor manages recalls on both product lots and single units.

Products Social Portal

Products protected by Validactor can be listed on the Validactor sales portal, granting increased visibility at no cost. The Validactor social portal deploys a number of innovative social functions aimed to enhance the shopping user experience.

Allergens Management

Clear and reliable information on the presence of ingredients causing allergies or intolerances should always be available to allow sensitive consumers to make informed choices when buying. Validactor enables manufacturers to provide users with accurate and visible allergen information and to inform them of any possible risk. Validactor also manages Dietary and Religious food restrictions.

Customer Fidelization

The Validactor's "VAPoints" functionality helps manufacturers to increase their sales by offering an innovative rewarding points collection based on products regardless of the point of sale or commercial chain. VAPoints can be converted in money, transferred to customers' bank or PSP account, it can be also transferred to friends, Charities and NGOs. Manufacturers are always in control.

Multilingual & Multimarket

Validactor has been developed with the final customers in mind. We constantly add support for additional languages and for local markets' specific requirements and characteristics. We constantly add country specific Internet domains allowing to reach a wider customer base. User guides, and any support material - printed or online - is always available and updated.

Lost&Found Management

No more lost luggage, no more long queues at Lost and Found offices. Validactor protected items, if lost, can be found with a simple scan of the Validactor code. No personal data is revealed to the parts involved. Anyone with a smartphone can report to the owner the position of the lost luggage with few clicks.

Sales Analysis

The process of analizing sales and profiling customers allows companies to know the type of customer who purchased their products and to define a portait of the "ideal customer". Customer profiling enables highly targeted marketing and is an essential analysis tool.

Big Data

The amount of data generated by customer verifications is humongous. All incoming data is securely stored on Cloud based AWS servers whose architecture is designed to handle millions of scans and queries. Generated reports allow manufacturers to reconciliate production data, trends, statistics and correct product distribution.

The validation platform

Validactor protects consumers and manufacturers against counterfeits and illegal practices,
thereby building a stronger buyer-supplier interaction.

What is Validactor?

Validactor delivers an integrated suite of tools and services aimed at improving customer-to-manufacturer interactions; it also delivers a set of functions which help companies to fight fake productions and to build a better brand awareness. Among these a totally innovative item' serialization process • a social network for products • a Lost&Found tracker • an advanced marketing platform • a Big Data repository • a profiling and loyalty management tool • innovative FinTech functions with VAPoints management • a validation tool for Services and Tickets • a powerful Recall management service

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Our strenghts are

• Consumer involvement and global cost savings • Use of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software • Open communication standards for easy integration with existing platforms and devices • Easy integration with existing packaging and labelling equipment • Authentication via mobile applications • Adaptability on global scale • Use of any commercial QRCode scanner • Robust and secure software and hardware infrastructure • Proprietary algorithms

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We are a dinamic company, fully devoted to fight the counterfeits, the fakes markets and any kind of adulteration potentially causing a threat to customers. We fight this battle empowering both manufacturers and final customers with a full set of easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools. Any smartphone is the most powerful weapon to win this battle. Be an active part of this, buy Validactor enabled products only.

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