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Product Recalls: an avoided nightmare

When a product's safety comes into question, time is everything – particularly in the age of social media. Decisions need to be made quickly, but ill-judged ones can add cost and damage a company’s reputation.
In the past, product recalls were relatively straightforward and would usually have passed unnoticed by the public. Today, recalls are much more complex and the stakes higher – both in terms of the potential impact to a company’s profits and reputation.
Product recall exposures have increased substantially over the past decade, shaped by tougher consumer regulation, the rise of social media and the increasing complexity of supply chains, according to Christof Bentele, Head of Global Crisis Management at AGCS. The regulatory environment, in particular, has changed dramatically over this period, Bentele tells Global Risk Dialogue. “Many countries – including the US, China, Australia and those in Europe – have implemented much stricter product safety laws. At the same time authorities are now far more proactive when it comes to product safety,” he says.
Recall exposures have also grown with the rise of large multi-national corporations and the development of complex supply chains in sectors ranging from food to automotive to electronics.
“Fifteen years ago the ingredients for a burger purchased in a fast food restaurant would have mostly been sourced locally,” says Bentele. Now the spice may come from China, the gherkin from the US and the tomatoes from Spain, while the meat could be from multiple sources".

At Validactor we are facing recall management in the most efficient possible way. Since we do serialize each product unit we can issue product’s recalls both on a single and on a batch level. The entire process is only few clicks long.

If the recalled products are still unsold either on store shelves or at distributor facilities the recalled products became unsellable and this is verified by simply scanning the relevant VACode. In the case of products that have been already sold, an immediate notification is automatically sent to the purchasers of each sold item.

We have managed to implement different levels of recalls as shown in the image below:

“ At Validactor we are making difficult things easy.” said Maria Profeta, Validactor CEO and Managing Director “we are simplifying tasks that were difficult to implement and we are granting access to any manufacturing company, regardless of its size. Today using Validactor any company can easily protect its production from counterfeits, correctly profile its customers, manage and track any product status such as expired, recalled, seized, prototype, sample, etc, can also manage product warranties and lost and found with few simple clicks” Mariella added.
Ask us how to implement Validactor within your organization, it is simpler than you can ever imagine.
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Anyone talking about fake news: We may have a solution.

Anyone nowadays is talking about fake news. They are everywhere, from Facebook to Twitter, to any social media regardless of it's visibility and number or registered users. Anyone with a simple registration becomes a full member of any social network entitled to post any kind of information that nobody checks for its sources.

How we can check, from our reader's perspective if a news is fake or not? We cannot, however Validactor has a simple to use, free and ready solution. Include in any news the writer's personal VACode. What is a VACode? Vacodes are QRCode links that readers can scan and verify the source of news.

Simple as A B C.

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Jewels and Diamonds: What Else?

Validactor, due to its total flexibility has been chosen to identify, describe and protect Jewels and Diamonds. Now, using Validactor, diamond traders and goldsmiths will be able to store any item characteristics into a secure database. Customers can access stored data and once purchased, the item's property and warranty (and of course any other data involved) will be transferred to the purchaser. All data is securely and safely store.

Items characteristics, any of them, will be sent and shown securely to the prospect customers.

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