Secure Anti-Counterfeit and Data Analysis

Counterfeiting is a crime that involves unauthorised production, distribution and sale of goods under someone else's name. Counterfeit goods can harm your life. Do not buy fake goods, search for the Validactor seal on Validactor serialized products!

No matter the type of product, Validactor protects and validate any type of perishable and non-perishable packaged product. Olive oil for instance is one of the most counterfeited products. With a smartphone scan, customers can assess the originality and the characteristics of the product in a snap. Each bottle is equipped with its own and unique graphic code or IoT sensor.

Cosmetics and pharmaceutical products MUST be safe by default. Unfortunately most of times fake cosmetics are difficult to identify if not possible at all. Validactor unique codes prevents the diffusion of fake cosmetics by uniquely serialising each item. Customers can be sure of the product they buy with a scan, before purchasing the product.

Wine can be extremely expensive and at the same time can be easily counterfeited if the resemblance is limited to the exterior of the bottle. The markets are full of fake wine of any price tag. Even in this case, with a simple scan, customers can asses characteristic, originality, expiration dates, the presene of any allergen instantly. Isn't security worth a scan?

Water - believe it or not - is the most counterfeited product on earth. Who is willing to save few cents to buy polluted, uncontrolled, maybe dirty water? No-one! Even in this case, the power of Validactor is deployed towards people's health and well-being. Before making any purchase, scan the Validactor code, and if there is no such code, ask your reseller to prefer Validactor protected products

Validactor codes can be read by any mobile scanner, iOS, Android, Smartphone, Tablet… no matter the device, Validactor is here to protect.

Why counterfeiting is a serious threat?

The rise of online shopping, the presence of under regulated wholesalers and re-packagers on the markets along with the ever-growing sophisticated counterfeiting technologies contribute to the expansion of this illegal international trade.

Some data

The total turnover of counterfeit food sector in major countries of the euro area in 2015 is estimated at €4.3 billion, as reported by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
According to a survey conducted in 17 European countries, the damage to consumers from counterfeit products is as high as €2.3 billion (equivalent to 4.8% of total purchases).
Source Sole24Ore Digital Edition 20 May 2016

The above significant data suggest that the trade in counterfeit goods has been integrated in many economies all over the world.
The counterfeit goods are often indistinguishable from the genuine products.
Unlike the copyright infringers who offer an identical copy at a low price, the counterfeiters seek to deceive the consumer into purchasing an inferior product disguised as a famous brand.
This kind of fraud can damage the good reputation of the brand while the inferior product quality can create severe issues of consumer's safety.

Nowadays an ever increasing number of countries are starting to express their serious concern about this issue.
However, only the Pharmaceutical Industry is seriously taking more consistent actions, by introducing strict rules to ensure a higher level of consumer's protection.
The national Governments acknowledge that counterfeiting is a serious problem, but appear to lack the political commitment to launch a common solution.

In contrast, Validactor recognizes the need for an urgent protection system at a global level and is ready to offer a ready-to-use solution, no matter your business type and size.