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Food and customers: a closer interaction

The food industry is going through an interesting shift worldwide. We’re are all moving away from an era of processed food and microwave meals, to one where people are increasingly concerned about the kinds of foods they’re eating, their freshness, sustainability, healthiness, and other factors. And yet, we still crave the convenience that comes with pulling ready to buy ready-to-eat food at fast food outlets.

This has left a wide open space for innovation in the food startup space. We at Validactor focus on the relation between food and customer in a completely new way. We help customers making the right choice, presenting the ingredients, highlighting any possible unwanted reaction with the customer, keeping track of possible personal allergies, we control expiration dates and recalls based on the actual product purchased informing the purchases directly of any possible threat.

How can we do this? By serialising any item we can establish the direct link between the customer and the product itself.

No more uncertainties, when dealing with food. Search for "Validactor Enabled" goods and relax. We'll take care of all the rest.

However at Validactor we do much more to protect brands and make customers safer and happier: Validactor delivers a full suite of product management and traceability services, including anti-counterfeit security measures, brand protection, Big Data analysis, product's status flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques and "Made in" management.