VAPoints - An innovative way to promote products and profile your customers

"We are proud to launch a new promotional technology for customer loyalty and profiling." said Dino Sergiano at a recent investor meeting in Milan, "The VAPoints program puts focus on the product and encourages customers to buy their preferred goods wherever in the world. If you like a special kind of wine or pasta, you’ll collect VAPoints for each package or bottle you buy, no matter the store or the online webstore where you purchase it." Dino added. VAPoints can be used in different ways: redeem discounts, pay new purchases, cash money in and more. The Validactor team is extremely excited about the potentiality of this new functionality that will allow our customers to strengthen their presence in world markets.
Validactor is not only anti-counterfeit, it delivers many additional features such as product traceability, brand protection, bid data analysis, product's flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques, "Made in" management.

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