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Efficient and Effective
Recall Management

Product recalls are a disruptive event for Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers and their retail partners. Brand owners and retailers alike must protect the safety of consumers and the integrity of brands by communicating recalls quickly and removing recalled product from the supply chain to avoid potentially dangerous product from being consumed or utilized by consumers. 

While retailers may manage one or more recalls per day, the typical manufacturer may execute a recall only once per year.  Some companies may never have to conduct a recall.  But every Consumer Packaged Goods company should have plans in place and be familiar with the basic steps that must be taken to quickly and effectively execute a product recall – including quick and efficient communication with retail customers using innovative Recall Management feature of the Validactor suite.

Validactor faces the Recall management with an innovative different approach: the total involvement of final customers.

Scan the following code to see how Validactor treats recalled food products. By scanning this code with any qrcode scanner you'll get the basic - important - information on the recall while scanning it with the Validactor App you'll get all the detailed info on the recall.

Recalled Tonato puree

Any “Validactor enabled“ good is easily traceable by any smartphone user. Recalling a sold product has never been easier: the recall alert will reach automatically the purchaser of the recalled good within seconds from the issued recall.

The goods still unsold are immediately digitally marked with the appropriate recall status, making them unsellable.

Single products or entire production lots can be recalled with few clicks in seconds, from everywhere. Validactor follows you everywhere you are, provided you have an Internet connection.

Smart and reliable solutions from Validactor are always at your fingertips.

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