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Tamper proof documents made easy

Validactor is also used to make any document tamper-proof and verifiable. Every day organisations and institutions generate and issue millions of documents that can be easily tampered. Validactor can secure any document that require secure certification:
- Pay-slips / Pay stubs: These are often submitted as part of loan applications to third parties
- Appointment Letters: Issued to a new employee at the point of joining
- Experience Letters: Issued to leaving employees

Banks and brokerage companies issue account statements for their clients. These statements are used for address proof, net worth and proof of financial standing etc. It is important for the third party that is examining the statement to be satisfied about its authenticity. Usually there is no problem in confirming the information between the issuer and the customer since each side has access to database or to the account through network login. However the third party doesn’t have this access and therefore wants the bank to “attest” or “authenticate” the information.This requires time and effort. Our technology allows the information in the statement to be sealed and digitally signed by the authorized signatory of the issuer. This can then be verified using our Validactor app.

Validactor is also suitable for the following kind of documents:
- Account Statements, Certificates and Transaction Advice: to avoid tampering or fake creation of such documents.
- Payment Systems: With the increasing use of electronic payment mechanisms, there is a need to verify the credentials of the payment receiving party along with the transaction details so that the money can be credited into the correct account. As such our technology offers a way to verify the meta information of billing organizations giving the payer the comfort that the instructions to move the money will be correctly executed. The meta information is presented to the payer in the form of a QR code which once scanned, can help to confirm the credentials instantly after which the instructions for funds transfer can be given. This works seamlessly in the cashless, paperless and present-less world of digital money.

Using Validactor can help drastically curb statement fraud and improve processing workflows. Further you can improve fulfilment chain integrity incase you use outside providers for document production. Our platform is designed for easy integration and cost effective for automated production of such documents.

And also Degree and Diploma Certificates, Semester Transcripts, Government issued certificates, Licenses and Permits, Passports, Driving Licenses, Receipts, Prescriptions, Insurance certificates and any legal or notarized documents.

Validactor solutions are ready to deploy, there is no need to buy external devices from third party suppliers. All the securing work is demanded to our backend. You, as a manufacturer sit back and relax. We take care of protecting your brand and products.

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