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In Singapore to present Validactor at the Innovfest Unbound 2017

Validactor has been selected by ICE.IT to present its global anti-counterfeit solution at the Innovfest Unbound held in Singapore on May 3-4, 2017. "It is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue presenting our services and the related digital platform to international players" said Dino Sergiano Director of Operations at Validactor during today's weekly videoconference with Media and Investors, "Global markets are seeking for affordable, reliable and secure solutions to better distribute products. Our solution is ready to be implemented in any manufacturing process on-the-fly. Our key attention is towards small and medium sized companies, the ones that have been unable to benefit at a first hand by innovation and competitiveness" added Dino.

Validactor delivers a full suite of product management and traceability services, including anti-counterfeit security measures, brand protection, Big Data analysis, product's status flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques and "Made in" management solutions.

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