Don't let your stranded luggage ruin your long awaited holidays

Reprint from the 20 April 2017 Press Release


The “Personal Lost and Found” functionality is ready, now everyone can generate personal Lost&Found personal codes for free in few simple steps.

You can generate as many codes as you want to protect your personal belongings. This function has to be performed on a normal computer not on a smartphone and is totally FREE for anyone.

Simply log-in (or Register) to the social portal (; if you are already registered to the Validactor App you can simply login using your App credentials. If not registered click on the body shaped icon on the right side of social pages menu bar.

Once logged-in generate as many personal VACodes as you need, for any item.

The mandatory fields are only Product name and 1 image.

Print the codes in any color and size, stick them on you belongings, on your smartphone, photo camera, purse, put one in your wallet, enrich them with texts explaining that if someone finds any of your marked item he has to scan it to get in touch with you. The limit to the imagination and personalisation is the sky.

What happens if you lose a marked item? The person who finds it, scans the code and you will immediately know where the item is and how to contact the retriever.

Pass this info to anyone you know, directly or on social media.