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Waste Management & Tracking


"Yes you are reading right! Validactor can track any "Validactor enabled" packaged good back to its owner, so make sure you dispose of any empty box, can or bottle properly" Said Dino Sergiano Director of Operations at Validactor during today's weekly videoconference with Media and Investors. "Waste management, Pollution and Recycling are going to immensely benefit from the innovative Validactor features applied to manufactured goods. The endless list of benefits the environment can receive from serialised items are endless." Dino continued, adding that "at Validactor we are discovering new capabilities of the Validactor suite on a daily basis. We, the conceivers and developers of it, are continuously surprised by the potentialities Validactor and its Apps are offering all of us."

Validactor delivers a full suite of product management and traceability services, including anti-counterfeit security measures, brand protection, Big Data analysis, product's status flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques and "Made in" management solutions.

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