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We do not use RFIDs

"Nowadays, anyone is searching for the "Holy Grail" to fight counterfeits. In our view there is no Holy Grail: only deploying a large number of tools and countermeasures manufacturers may increase the possibility to win this battle. RFIDs are expensive and not directly available to manufacturers, they should be ordered. Moreover they bring a real limitation, IOS devices cannot read them. We are sure that making an effective and solid use of proper databases and specific algorithms accessed via QRCodes, is still the best and most efficient mean" said Maria Profeta at shareholder conference in Vienna, Austria "our full set of proprietary algorithms is constantly checking, verifying and validating scan data vs stored product data on a single item level. Validactor identifies and controls single product across the entire life span" Maria added.

Validactor solutions are ready to deploy, there is no need to buy external devices from third party suppliers. All the securing work is demanded to our backend. You, as a manufacturer sit back and relax. We take care of protecting your brand and products.

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