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Validactor does not....

Validactor does
• not use special expensive special ink, Validactor does not pollute
• not use contaminants in packaging, Validactor – again – does not pollute
• not use costly RFID’s or other electronic tags, Validactor uses nothing else than the normal ecological ink used for label printing, any brand, any color, any shade
• not use custom devices, Validactor implementation is cheap
• not use complex customer apps, Validactor requires no learning curve
• not sell prepackaged solutions, Validactor offerings are tailored to the actual needs and size of any customer
• not require any customer additional machinery investment, the Validactor solution is simple and straightforward to implement
• not require any upfront investment, Validactor anti counterfeiting solutions are ready to go
• not require long term customer strategies or planning, Validactor can be activated or de-activated as per customer needs

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