New functionalities implemented

We are pleased to announce the release of new functionalities to fight fakes and enhance customer experience.

- It is now possible to set specific forbidden areas for products. Supposing a product is forbidden in specific areas or countries - for example Alcoholic liquors in Islamic countries - it is possible to specify the areas where such products are forbidden. In case of illegal distribution an alert will be sent to the manufacturers and customers.
- Scan thresholds: For each batch of products (or even for single products) it is now possible to specify the maximum number of scans. This feature will monitor the effective number of pre-sale scans allowing a detailed control for products on display
- Recall management: The entire recall management procedure is now totally redesigned. For each recall (on batch or single item level) Validactor will display a comprehensive list of information such as: Reason for the recall, its severity and any note or specific contact

Many other minor features complete this round of updates.