Official launch

"Today we are proud to officially launch Validactor on the market" said Mariella Profeta general manager of Validactor srl at launch press conference. "Today we terminate the beta phase during which our early customers smoothed any angle to make the system ready even for non web-savvy customers" Mariella added.

Validactor architecture can handle millions of concurrent requests hourly in a secure manner allowing customers to rely on the accurate anti-counterfeit data Validactor generates: Geolocation, expiration dates, stolen products and much more are close to any smartphone. Anyone can protect its products with few clicks.

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Until December 31st 2016 we offer free intro pack to selected manufacturing companies. Contact us to check if your company is eligible.


Entering New Markets

Validactor's unique suite of services is receiving global acceptance in world markets within a large group of companies ranging from very small family run companies to large multinationals. Due to its simple setup and implementation, Validactor is setting new standards in fighting counterfeit for any kind of product. Food, Luxury, wine, drugs just to name few can be protected by serialising graphically any item. "Our solution is the most powerful on the market yet easy to use as it requires no ramp-up time nor specific investment in hardware or software" said Dino Sergiano at pre-launch conference call, " Validactor will be available soon in many languages widening the acceptance worldwide" he added.

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