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New Tickets Functionality

"Today we have released a new functionality for delivering, validating and tracking tickets & vouchers to be used at food fairs.

The generation and validation of such tickets uses all the security algorithms implemented in the PVS - the Validactor main tool - to ensure security and avoid any attempt of counterfeiting" said Dino Sergiano of Validactor at today's investor's conference call. " This typology of tickets is used as circulating money within exposition areas and we cannot afford any possible counterfeit. Our tools and algorithms will make sure that each single code is validated correctly." added Dino.

Validactor generated "Food Tickets" will hit the crowds on the upcoming event "BaccalàRe Street Event" held in Naples, Italy on May 18-22. Several hundreds of thousand of tickets will be sold and validated using the custom released POS App.

Come and visit BaccalèRe, you'll enjoy the friendly environment, the food and nice weather in one of the most beautiful city in the world.
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