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German Android Consumer App Released

"Few days after the release of the Android consumer App 1.6.2, today I am pleased to announce the release on the Google Play Store of a new version which includes support for German language and a totally redesigned Purchased Products Digital Card", said Mrs. Dorothea Bousek, Head of Luxury Brands Worldwide Management during today's weekly conference call.

"This release is extremely important to us as we are ready to launch Validactor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These countries, with their highly demanding markets and customer base, are a perfect fit for the Validactor offering", added Dorothea.

Validactor is not only anti-counterfeit, it delivers many additional features such as product traceability, brand protection, big-data analysis, product's flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques, "Made in" management and much more.

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Addendum: Today, 24th of February 2017 we have also released the German version of the Validactor POS: the App specifically designed and developed for store managers.