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Have you Lost your Luggage? You are lucky!

"As of today we have completed the deployment of the new Lost&Found feature. Any sold product can be tracked back to its original customer" said Mariella Profeta, Ceo of Validactor SRL during today's press online conference call. "This new feature allows Validactor customers to offer an innovative and free service to all their customers regardless of the purchased product. Luggage makers are the ones who will immensely benefit from this innovation at no extra cost".

The Validactor Lost&Found feature allows anyone who founds for example a lost or stranded luggage to be reconnected to the owner. All is done by a simple anonymous scan of a special QRCode named VACode. The scan can be done by any QR Code scanner. The informations are sent anonymously and only with the agreement of both parties they cam meet or ship the lost luggage to the final destination.

Luggage Customers, ask for Validactor Enabled Luggage when buying your next luggage. And remember it is a FREE service