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More than 25% of Facebook Ads promote fake products

New research completed by two cyber-security experts found that about a quarter of the fashion and luxury ads examined on Facebook are for counterfeit items such as Ray Ban sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bags, and Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

At first glance, the ads look legitimate and lead to websites that have an identical look and feel as the real ones, potentially tricking Facebook users into believing they're buying real luxury products. There's no expense spared in duping consumers- these bogus sites even include fake security seals, typically issued by Norton or McAfee, to sway consumers into believing that the check-out process is secure and safe.

Many of these sites are registered in China and their owners are linked to Chinese email addresses. Google removed more than 220 million "bad ads" from their network in 2012 and 350 million in 2013.