Uniquely Marked Products

During this #coronavirus pandemic, some weird stories have come up to our ears and eyes. Take for instance chirurgical/protection masks.
For decades now, the production of such low profit items has been delocalized in areas where labour costs are lower than Europe such as South East Asia, India and Turkey among others.
As soon as these items surged to the honors of commerce all the countries started to order huge quantities, discovering that (1) they are not anymore a low profit product, (2) availability is not so immediate and (3) safety is not guaranteed.

Yet the orders started to fly, advance payments were requested sot that no order left the production plants before getting the entire payment. Ok, this is business, fair enough.
Chirurgical Mask
What happened after was however unplanned, unthinkable. Entire lots of paid masks have been seized by any possible actor in the distribution chain… border authorities claiming primary country need, unloyalw shipping companies, and simple thiefs.

Now, if any single mask was clearly marked with a unique #Validactor code, all this could have been avoided or prevented. Who was going to re-sell, stolen products carrying the name of the official owner?

Think about it. For more info https://www.my-validactor.com the #Validactor technology can be implemented on any product

Validactor is a fast growing company, fully devoted to combat the counterfeit businesses, the fakes markets and any kind of adulteration potentially causing a threat to customers. We fight this battle empowering both manufacturers and final customers with a full set of easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools. Any kind of smartphone is the most powerful weapon to win this battle.
Along with anti-counterfeit features, Validactor offer a full set of services aimed at strengthen customer-manufacturer relations

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