Q6A on Validactor - The Global Anti-counterfeiting solution

Protect, Track & Manage your products

Validactor innovative software serialises any product unit. Using Validactor any customer with a smartphone can check on the fly if a product is authentic, expired, stolen and much more, including product's characteristics.

Firstly, What is Validactor?
Validactor is a full set of digital services that includes an innovative anti counterfeiting group of services for manufacturing companies, an innovative products social network for end users, a profiling and fidelization tool and more.

How does Validactor work?
Manufacturing companies serialise their products generating a digital page for each unit. The page is accessible via unique graphic codes readable by any smartphone. Users can check the authenticity of the product by scanning these codes that we call VACodes. VACodes are generated by the manufacturers to manage a series of activities such as recalls, expiration dates, alerts, warranties and more.

Users use the free Validactor APPs to scan the VACodes and interact with manufacturers, distributors and resellers.

What is a VACode?
A VACode is a special version of a QR Code created by Validactor to access products data and their status. VACodes do not contain any data, they are a shortcut to access products data securely stored on Cloud servers.

Why there is a product' social page?
The social pages present the products serialized and protected by Validactor and offer - among other things - a way to keep track and benefit from special offers on the products customers are interested in. Products can be filtered and shown according to personal preferences. The social pages are managed, on a product basis by the manufacturer itself as an extension of its webstore.

Why registering to the social page (and to the Apps)?
The Validactor social page can remember your choice in terms of product, manufacturer and category provided it knows who you are. Once registered and logged-in you can select and filter your product visualisation choices; these will remain active until disabled or changed. Is it also possible to log-in using one of the social network logins available.
The social page and the Apps share the same login credentials.

Will Validactor send many unrequested mails?
No, Validactor will only send a maximum of 4 mails a year. Validactor does not share your email address or personal data with anyone.

Will the Validactor social page interact with users?
The Validactor social page and network interacts with final customers and manufacturers. Final customers can express their appreciations about the products in graphic format. Each kind of feedback - either negative or positive - has a numeric value that will be integrated in product profile to generate periodical statistics on product acceptance by customers. This data will be filtered by location, time, date and customer profile.

Will Validactor release a chat?
Yes, the entire suite will also list a text chat similar to a basic messenger chat. This chat will be used in two different ways: by final customers as an alternative to any third party textual chat and to contact directly manufacturer, distributors and point of sale.

Is the social network also a selling tool?
Yes, based on the information and data each manufacturer will display, the Validactor social pages are also a product store front either selling directly or redirecting customers to company or product websites.

What is the structure of the Validactor social network?
The Validactor social network has been designed having in mind Pinterest. Each registered user can filter its selections with no limits in each sub category and by country of origin of the products. This will avoid the view of products each customer is not interested in.

Why it is preferable to use the Validactor App?
Only using a proprietary App it is possible to get profiling data. The usage of any other third party APP will only display product characteristics. This is because of the access to the App developer own database.

Is Validactor free?
Validactor is and will always be free for final customers. None of the services offered to final customers will require a fee.

Will there be a version of the PVS for individuals?
It is already there. Any individual can register and login to the social pages ( to generate an unlimited number of VACodes to protect and retrieve - if lost - personal items.

How precise is geo location?
Geolocation in most cases is extremely accurate. We geo position each scan based on GSM tower triangulations and by the presence of Wi-Fi hubs.