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Product Recall management is one of the major threat for a manufacturing company. Time is the essence of it. When a Recall has to be issued, Validactor manages it with few clicks, no matter if the product is still unsold on shelves or it has been already sold. Validactor manages recalls on both product lots and single units.

Product Recall Management

A product recall is one of the worst nightmares a manufacturing company may deal with.
When a product is recalled, it has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and on overall company perception.

This is the reason why it so vital for manufacturers to manage any recall process as effectively as possible.
The challenge is to manage recalls quickly and efficiently while at the same time maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction; if the existing product recall activities are not up to the required standards, there will be a broken process with suppliers, external parties and of course with the final customers.
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Validactor sets new standards for recall management tracking and management. Is it possible with few single clicks of the mouse to issue Recall warnings with different levels of severity for both unsold and already sold products. In the latter case individual messages reaches the purchaser’s smartphone or its email inbox reporting the level of severity, the actions to be taken and any crisis management contact.

Validactor allows manufacturers to define and configure the process they need to setup for both production lots or even single product units. This is one of the most powerful outcome of our innovative product mass serialization approach.

Whether your recall affects 5 customers or 350 million, each customer will be involved throughout the entire process, from the first alert to the final step. This ensures both manufacturers' and customers' optimal satisfaction. Validactor Recall management along with its long list of innovative tracking and anti-counterfeit features can help managers decide on next best actions to ensure customer satisfaction and increase net promoter scores, while maximising efficiency, minimising costs and reducing company risks.

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